Professional - Private Freelance
Spring 2022
Built - Exhibition Design
Client: Amant Foundation
Brooklyn, NY
Private freelancer engaged in the schematic design, visualization, and fabrication sizing of Carla Zaccagnini’s first solo exhibition in the United States, Cuentos de Cuentas.
Spread across three galleries, each installation started with a sketch or reference idea from the show’s curator or artist: a hanging mobile balancing unequal objects, a bench sized to a TV, or the shape of a mirror that became a curtain rod. Opting for speed and iteration, my work tested variations of sizing each idea to their respective space by producing quick immersive images and schematic plan drawings–design artifacts for the non-architect project stakeholders responsible for design direction, sign-off, and, finally, fabrication.
In the first gallery, a hanging mobile balanced unequal objects.  My re-drawing of the installation at scale helped re-conceive the scope of the installation by determining that the original sketch was larger than the gallery space.
In the second gallery, using a series of reference images and a quick sketch, a loop bench was designed to create a non-hierarchical interaction with the accompanying videos.  Acting as both table and chair, the bench creates odd adjacencies--a place of simultaneous repose and discovery.
In the third gallery, a mirror from the artist’s childhood became the shape of a curtain rod system enclosing a three-channel video system.  A scattering of bottles surround the curtain system, evoking notions of immigration, setting up a contest between the porous connections to one’s past and self-image.
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