Columbia GSAPP 
Spring 2021

Academic Seminar - Typography
Faculty: Yoonjai Choi (Common-Name
Solo Project
A publicly available text meshed with content from New York City art museums:  Merchant of Venice meets images queried only using the word 'Venice.'  The results produced images tangentially related to Venice and even a few misnomers, such as a photo series about Venice Beach, California.  The playful 'dumbness' of these image searches contrasted with the rigid structure of how plays are formatted in text; this juxtaposition led to the playfulness of the color, composition, and placement of images throughout the re-set text.
Images were selected based on keywords or themes that the passages on each page explored.  Above, in one of the most famous passages of Merchant of Venice, Shylock demands a literal pound of flesh if Antonio fails to repay his loan juxtaposed against a flesh-filled photo from Venice Beach, California.

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